Do you have an HDMI capable TV. Chances are you do!

Why pay hundreds each month to watch Cable TV. Most of it is repeats anyway! To get the good stuff (HBO) you have to pay a premium AND you spend more time watching commercials than real television. Why!

Most people probably aren't aware of Apple TV (by Apple) or Chromecast (by Google). They are both simple devices that you plug-in to the HDMI slot of your TV to instantly stream content over your home Wi-Fi network directly to your TV screen!

Simply by purchasing one of these devices you have the ability to access Netflix, HuluPlus and an entire collection of Movies, TV Shows and Music with iTunes (Apple TV) or Google Play (Chromecast)

Instead of having to surf through hundreds of channels of repeats you can watch quality, original content over Apple TV or Chromecast.

I personally gave up CableTV. I was tired of their corporate monopolies, tired of watching endless repeats and commercials, tired of having to pay extra for premium channels (HBO) and tired of not getting 100% HD content.

Why was I paying $100's for a sub-standard service?

My biggest fear was loosing access to my favorite shows but, after some research, soon discovered I can access all my favorite networks (ABC, FOX, CNBC, Discovery, National Geographic etc...) right on Apple TV. I had access to the latest episodes of my favorite shows. Movies are current! Not from 6 years ago. Coupled with a Netflix and HuluPlus account I now have more new content then I ever did with CableTV and for a fraction of the cost!

Instead of paying $100's each month to watch TV repeats, why not just buy Apple TV or Chromecast for a one off fee and start a subscription to HuluPlus, NetFlix or even BOTH! (For less than $20!)

Stop paying $100's in Cable TV bills. Make the Switch!